Why entrust your project to GR Farma?

Entrusting us with the distribution and sale of your products means to take advantage of the experience and know-how of one of the most renowned consulting and distribution company in the Italian scenario.
We will support your project through every stage of the business and distribution plan process: from the preliminary analyses to the presence of the product in the end users’ house.
Our sales force will work to meet your targets, led by an experienced managerial team and supported by an efficient and integrated distribution system.

What we offer:

  • Complete coverage and governance of the pharmaceutical sector (pharmacies, parapharmacies, cooperatives, wholesalers, networks and chains);
  • Sales support involving mature pharmaceuticals, off patent and other products categories;
  • Pharmaceuticals consultancy, both at strategic and commercial level, for the launch of new products;
  • Provision of high-added value services at the pharmacy;
  • Sharing of results and continuous data analysis.

The GR Farma method

Together we build your project, step by step, thanks to a tested, effective and measurable analytical method.
We strictly follow all the phases of sale and distribution project intended for the pharmaceutical sector.
We constantly monitor sales figures, comparing them with the goals set.
Together with the pharmaceutical firm we define the corrective strategic actions aimed at meeting the business targets and the best performances.


On-time and reliable logistics

Our logistics hubs are able to meet our partner requirements across the whole national territory.

Transparency in data management

Thanks to a dedicated and customised CRM and to an innovative automated system, we offer data full visibility to our partners for a total control of figures.

The importance of the network

An important network of contacts with the main stakeholders of the market, more than 9,000 stores served directly and a strong flexibility concerning the implementation of sales and distribution plans.

Full coverage

Direct selling to retail, intermediate distribution management, Direct Response Marketing activity, Teleselling and SOS pharmaceuticals support services.

Puntualità e affidabilità nella gestione logistica farmaceutica

Offriamo una gamma completa di servizi logistici alle imprese farmaceutiche, adottando un approccio customer oriented. I nostri hub logistici sono in grado di soddisfare le esigenze dell’intero territorio nazionale.

Trasparenza nella gestione dei dati

Grazie ad un sofisticato ed innovativo sistema informatico automatizzato, offriamo piena visibilità dei dati di vendita ai nostri partner in tempo reale: un CRM dedicato e customizzato con accesso riservato, dove poter verificare l’andamento delle vendite per avere il pieno controllo dei numeri.

L’importanza del network

Una rete di vendita profilata, un importante network di relazioni radicate con i principali stakeholder, più di 9.000 farmacie servite direttamente ed una forte flessibilità nell’implementazione dei piani di vendita e di distribuzione, consentono ai nostri partner di rispondere in modo concreto e veloce alle esigenze di un mercato in continua evoluzione.

Presidio totale

Per garantire la massima copertura abbiamo anche istituito un’attività di Direct Response Marketing rivolta alle farmacie e un servizio di Teleselling per supportare la rete vendita.


Please take a few minutes to answer some questions about your project.
We will use the information to figure out how to help you and who is the best staff member to contact.

FAQ – Questions and answers

1. Is GR Farma a wholesaler, a distributor or a dealer?

GR Farma is a sales partner and it offers its own services to those companies that need to approach the pharmaceutical sector but that do not have their own sales organisation, nor the knowledge of sector dynamics.

2. Which kind of agreement would govern a possible partnership relationship between my company and GR Farma?

Each company has different requirements and targets.
Once they are clear and well defined, after a preliminary analysis phase, GR Farma is able to establish the most adequate contractual terms in order to regulate the partnership.

3. How do I know if the project that I would like to submit and possibly entrust to GR Farma is appropriate and can be the object of a collaboration?

In this section of the Website you can fill in a questionnaire through which GR Farma can collect useful information for a first preliminary analysis and a better understanding of the project in order to develop the possible following steps.

4. Does GR Farma work just at regional level or even at national one?

GR Farma is one of the few pharmaceutical companies working in partnership throughout the country.

5. How much does it cost to work with GR Farma?

The financial details of a possible partnership are part of the phase following the preliminary evaluation of the project. Only after having examined the different strategic, operational and commercial issues it will be possible to make an economic appraisal.

6. Does GR Farma work exclusively with possible entrusted products?

Yes, based on GR Farma business model, the company is the sole distributor, at national level, of those products covered by the partnership. This allows your company to have a sole counterpart fully responsible for sale results.

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