A company born with a rucksack on her back

It was the year 1996 when Luigi Ravera, already top manager of leading companies of the pharmaceutical sector, decides to create GR Farma: a PC, a telephone, a printer and the courage to take risks and dreaming big.

This is how the adventure begins: GR Farma, a pharmaceutical sale and distribution company covering the whole national territory, with an operational organisation set up to fully support the partner companies: Direct sales Network, Customer Service, Administration, Logistics, Direct Marketing and an IT department focused on data analysis.

The power of experience

Today, the same goals are shared by Andrea Ravera who, as his father, promotes the GR Farma growth targets and those of its partner companies, led by the same values and with an eye to the future.

Therefore GR Farma proves to be a leader in sales and distribution for those pharmaceutical companies looking for commercial partners, by providing them with asset and strategic levers of utmost importance.

Icona Vendita Farmaci


Focus and broad experience in the selling and distribution of mature pharmaceuticals (established products) and/or patent-expired products (off patent brand).
Icona Beauty Care


A second network focused on specialised children’s market thanks to the partnership with relevant brands and important commercial agreements with the key supply chains of reference at national level.
Icona Baby Care


Forward-looking investments in highly innovative and technological projects, such as new predictive auto analysis and diagnostic tools for pharmacies and physicians in the field of integrated medicine.

GR Farma history

We are writing it together


Code of Conduct
GR Farma adopts the code of conduct pursuant to the Legislative Decree No 231/2001


Sales network consolidation
GR Farma main asset, the sales network, is improved and the number of resources in the field is doubled. 2 more Sales and Distribution Managers are implemented to support the projects entrusted to the company.


The arrival of Andrea Ravera
When Andrea Ravera, the current group sales Manager, arrives at GR Farma, he brings his own experience in the pharmaceutical sector and puts it at the service of the company.


Growth and consolidation
GR Farma grows rapidly, strengthens the sales network and invests in the main strategical areas such as Logistics, Customer Service, Administration and Marketing.


National coverage
The company is organised in order to offer its own services to its partners all over Italy.


GR Farma establishment
GF Farma was created by Luigi Ravera and it starts its own business in the Nielsen 1 area (Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy).

Code of Conduct

GR Farma has adopted the code of conduct pursuant to the Legislative Decree No 231/2001, laying down and regulating the “Administrative liability of legal entities and companies.”
GR Farma has arranged an organisation, management and control model in order to establish the guidelines as basis for the whole business.

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